Three Keys to Powerful Communication: How to Connect Authentically

Would you like to actually be heard when you speak? Do you want to easily grasp differing viewpoints when things get choppy? How about feeling completely confident and comfortable when sharing ideas, or even taking a stand? 

It is undisputed that communication is the most important skill we have to succeed in relationships, in business, and in life. Surprisingly, learning this vital skill set has mostly been left to assimilation, circumstance, and sheer determination. This Lab will provide a comprehensive, practical, and highly effective training that puts the power tools of clear, authentic, and powerful communication into your hands. You will learn: 

  • The communication framework
  • Effective communication tools
  • Integration in the work environment
  • Conflict resolution and prevention
  • Creative, solution-based thinking

 All of this will lead to some great results including using your time more efficiently, creating a positive work climate, re-energizing your work and personal life, and designing new ways to collaborate and create possibility!


Meet Your Lab Leader:

Leeza Steindorf is an international consultant, speaker, and trainer. She delivers practical methodology and creates transformational change in organizations and for individuals around the globe. She is an expert in communication, strategic planning, conflict resolution and paradigm shifts in corporate culture and businesses development.