Because Wayfinding Academy offers a two-year program that involves a lot of travel and community interaction, we operate on a trimester-based academic calendar that gives plenty of time for rest and adventure during the breaks between terms.

With this system, at the end of two years, students will have taken a total of nine core courses spread out between three terms each year (Fall, Winter and Summer), and they will also get a break from class roughly every three months. Breaks generally run four to five weeks long and occur in April, July/August and December.

Below, you’ll find a snapshot of our overall academic calendar, what a typical student schedule looks like and how that translates to the student experience.



As outlined in the typical schedule below, you can see that Wayfinding students take one or two core courses each term and also participate in the Guide program and Labs of their choosing (usually in evenings or on Saturdays). They will also engage in two internships in their area of interest during the two-year program, which they can find on their own or by utilizing the Wayfinding community network.



At the end of the Wayfinding experience, all the pieces come together to look something like the sample curriculum below. This will not be the same for every Wayfinding student because of each individual’s ability to highly customize the curriculum around their interests, but this is a representation of a real student’s transcript to give you an idea of what it can look like.